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MySQL++ was created by Kevin Atkinson during 1998, who passed off maintenance to Sinisa Milivojevic, who worked on the library from version 1.0 (June 1999) through 1.7.9 (May 2001). The current maintainer is Warren Young, starting with MySQL++ 1.7.10 in August of 2004. Warren forked libtabula off from MySQL++ 3.2.1 sometime in 2014, which was first released as version 4.0.0 in XXXXXX 201x.

A fuller account of the library's history — including the transition from MySQL++ to libtabula — is in the user manual. For the nitty-gritty details, see the libtabula change log and the MySQL++ change log. Change log items that aren't attributed to anyone else were done by Warren Young, much of it while working for Educational Technology Resources.

Other contributors of note since MySQL++ 1.7.10:

Here are the personal credits from the old 1.7.9 documentation, apparently written by Kevin Atkinson:

Please do not email any of these people with general questions about libtabula. All of us who are still active in libtabula development read the mailing list, so questions sent there do get to us.

The mailing list is superior to private email because the answers are archived for future questioners to find, and because you are likely to get answers from more people.