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This is a list of all the ideas for features and fixes that we have seriously contemplated for libtabula.

Patches for any of these thoughtfully considered! See the file for instructions on sending patches.

Any Version

Items in this section can be done at any time because they do not break either the API or the ABI.

Must Be Done in v4.0

Items in this section are big or break the library's ABI, so they have to be done in 4.0, else they must wait for the next allowed ABI breakage point, 5.0.

v4.1 or Later

Items in this section could go in v4.0, as they do not break the ABI, but they will probably have to wait for round-tuits to appear after v4.0 ships.

Not Until v5.0 At Earliest

We could do these items in v4.0 if we had infinite resources, but because they are not Our itches and they break the ABI, they probably won't get done until we start v5.0 at earliest.