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Comment:Documented the method for enabling a debug build on *ix
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SHA1: 2a3b9252e15d17d0de89ab9562123cd493efe5d6
User & Date: tangent 2015-08-15 09:15:16
The crash that prompted the creation of the row-pimpl branch was due to calling Row.size() before Row was initialized. This old MYSQL_ROW base implementation copes with this, but the new branch will try to dereference a null pointer to its nonexistent implementation object. Guarding this and a few other paths so we don't try to use that smart pointer if we aren't initialized yet.

(This change should have been made on the row-pimpl branch, but it also works against trunk, where it amounts to belt-and-suspenders.) check-in: bd141d86c6 user: tangent tags: trunk

Documented the method for enabling a debug build on *ix check-in: 2a3b9252e1 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added lldb to the list of tools exrun can make use of, so we don't have to install gdb on OS X. Also made a few other tweaks to it while in there. check-in: 21b6f7c6f5 user: tangent tags: trunk
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