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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AutoFlag< T >A template for setting a flag on a variable as long as the object that set it is in scope. Flag resets when object goes out of scope. Works on anything that looks like bool
libtabula::BadConversionException thrown when a bad type conversion is attempted
libtabula::BadFieldNameException thrown when a requested named field doesn't exist
libtabula::BadIndexException thrown when an object with operator [] or an at() method gets called with a bad index
libtabula::BadInsertPolicyException thrown when an insert policy is too strict to create a valid INSERT statement
libtabula::BadOptionException thrown when you pass an unrecognized option to Connection::set_option()
libtabula::BadParamCountException thrown when not enough query parameters are provided
libtabula::BadQueryException thrown when the database server encounters a problem while processing your query
libtabula::BeecryptMutexWrapper around platform-specific mutexes
libtabula::examples::CommandLineCommand line parsing mechanism for ../examples/*.cpp
libtabula::ssqlsxlat::CommandLineCommand line parser for Libtabula's ssqlsxlat tool
libtabula::CommandLineBaseParses command line arguments and holds the results
libtabula::Comparable< T >Mix-in that gives its subclass a full set of comparison operators
libtabula::CompressOptionEnable data compression on the connection
libtabula::ConnectionManages the connection to the database server
libtabula::ConnectionFailedException thrown when there is a problem related to the database server connection
libtabula::ConnectionPoolManages a pool of connections for programs that need more than one Connection object at a time, but can't predict how many they need in advance
libtabula::ConnectTimeoutOptionChange Connection::connect() default timeout
libtabula::DataOption< T >Define abstract interface for all *Options that take a lone scalar as an argument
libtabula::DateC++ form of SQL's DATE type
libtabula::DateTimeC++ form of SQL's DATETIME type
libtabula::DBDriverProvides a thin abstraction layer over the underlying database client library
libtabula::DBSelectionFailedException thrown when the program tries to select a new database and the database server refuses for some reason
libtabula::equal_list_b< Seq1, Seq2, Manip >Same as equal_list_ba, plus the option to have some elements of the equals clause suppressed
libtabula::equal_list_ba< Seq1, Seq2, Manip >Holds two lists of items, typically used to construct a SQL "equals clause"
libtabula::ExceptionBase class for all Libtabula custom exceptions
libtabula::FieldClass to hold information about a SQL field
libtabula::FieldNamesHolds a list of SQL field names
libtabula::FieldTypesA vector of SQL field types
libtabula::FoundRowsOptionMake Query::affected_rows() return number of matched rows
libtabula::GuessConnectionOptionAllow C API to guess what kind of connection to use
libtabula::IgnoreSpaceOptionAllow spaces after function names in queries
libtabula::InitCommandOptionGive SQL executed on connect
libtabula::InteractiveOptionAssert that this is an interactive program
libtabula::LocalFilesOptionEnable LOAD DATA LOCAL statement
libtabula::LocalInfileOptionEnable LOAD LOCAL INFILE statement
MaxPacketInsertPolicy< AccessController >An insert policy object that triggers a new INSERT statement if the object to be added would cause the statement to exceed a maximum size
libtabula::MultiResultsOptionEnable multiple result sets in a reply
libtabula::MultiStatementsOptionEnable multiple queries in a request to the server
libtabula::MutexFailedException thrown when a BeecryptMutex object fails
libtabula::mysql_type_infoSQL field type information
libtabula::NamedPipeOptionSuggest use of named pipes
libtabula::NoExceptionsDisable exceptions in an object derived from OptionalExceptions
libtabula::NoSchemaOptionDisable db.tbl.col syntax in queries
libtabula::NoTransactionCompile-time substitute for Transaction, which purposely does nothing. Use it to instantiate templates that take Transaction when you don't want transactions to be used
libtabula::Null< Type, Behavior >Class for holding data from a SQL column with the NULL attribute
libtabula::null_typeThe type of the global libtabula::null object
libtabula::NullIsBlankClass for objects that define SQL null as a blank C string
libtabula::NullIsNullClass for objects that define SQL null in terms of Libtabula's null_type
libtabula::NullIsZeroClass for objects that define SQL null as 0
libtabula::ObjectNotInitializedException thrown when you try to use an object that isn't completely initialized
libtabula::OptionDefine abstract interface for all *Option subclasses
libtabula::OptionalExceptionsInterface allowing a class to have optional exceptions
libtabula::QueryA class for building and executing SQL queries
libtabula::ReadDefaultFileOptionOverride use of my.cnf
libtabula::ReadDefaultGroupOptionOverride use of my.cnf
libtabula::ReadTimeoutOptionSet timeout for IPC data reads
libtabula::ReconnectOptionEnable automatic reconnection to server
libtabula::RefCountedPointer< T, Destroyer >Creates an object that acts as a reference-counted pointer to another object
libtabula::RefCountedPointerDestroyer< T >Functor to call delete on the pointer you pass to it
libtabula::RefCountedPointerDestroyer< MYSQL_RES >Functor to call mysql_free_result() on the pointer you pass to it
libtabula::ReportDataTruncationOptionSet reporting of data truncation errors
libtabula::ResultBaseBase class for StoreQueryResult and UseQueryResult
libtabula::RowManages rows from a result set
RowCountInsertPolicy< AccessController >An insert policy object that triggers a new INSERT statement after a given number of rows have been inserted
libtabula::ScopedConnectionGrabs a Connection from a ConnectionPool on construction and releases it back to the pool on destruction, and provides access to the relevant Connection pointer
libtabula::ScopedLockWrapper around BeecryptMutex to add scope-bound locking and unlocking
libtabula::SecureAuthOptionEnforce use of secure authentication, refusing connection if not available
libtabula::SelfTestFailedUsed within Libtabula's test harness only
libtabula::Set< Container >A special std::set derivative for holding MySQL data sets
libtabula::SetCharsetDirOptionGive path to charset definition files
libtabula::SetCharsetNameOptionGive name of default charset
libtabula::SetClientIpOptionFake client IP address when connecting to embedded server
libtabula::SharedMemoryBaseNameOptionSet name of shmem segment for IPC
libtabula::SimpleResultHolds information about the result of queries that don't return rows
SizeThresholdInsertPolicy< AccessController >An insert policy object that triggers a new INSERT statement after a size threshold for the length of the INSERT statement is exceeded
libtabula::SQLBufferHolds SQL data in string form plus type information for use in converting the string to compatible C++ data types
libtabula::SQLParseElementUsed within Query to hold elements for parameterized queries
libtabula::SQLQueryParmsThis class holds the parameter values for filling template queries
libtabula::SQLStreamA class for building SQL-formatted strings
libtabula::SQLTypeAdapterConverts many different data types to strings suitable for use in SQL queries
libtabula::SslOptionSpecialized option for handling SSL parameters
libtabula::StoreQueryResultStoreQueryResult set type for "store" queries
libtabula::StringA std::string work-alike that can convert itself from SQL text data formats to C++ data types
libtabula::TCPConnectionSpecialization of Connection for TCP/IP
libtabula::TimeC++ form of SQL's TIME type
libtabula::tiny_int< VT >Class for holding an SQL TINYINT value
libtabula::TooOld< ConnInfoT >Functor to test whether a given ConnectionInfo object is "too old"
libtabula::TransactionHelper object for creating exception-safe SQL transactions
libtabula::TypeLookupFailedThrown from the C++ to SQL data type conversion routine when it can't figure out how to map the type
libtabula::UnixDomainSocketConnectionSpecialization of Connection for Unix domain sockets
libtabula::UseEmbeddedConnectionOptionConnect to embedded server in preference to remote server
libtabula::UseQueryErrorException thrown when something goes wrong in processing a "use" query
libtabula::UseQueryResultStoreQueryResult set type for "use" queries
libtabula::UseRemoteConnectionOptionConnect to remote server in preference to embedded server
libtabula::value_list_b< Seq, Manip >Same as value_list_ba, plus the option to have some elements of the list suppressed
libtabula::value_list_ba< Seq, Manip >Holds a list of items, typically used to construct a SQL "value list"
libtabula::WindowsNamedPipeConnectionSpecialization of Connection for Windows named pipes
libtabula::WriteTimeoutOptionSet timeout for IPC data reads

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