File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
autoflag.h [code]Defines a template for setting a flag within a given variable scope, and resetting it when exiting that scope
beemutex.h [code]MUTually EXclusive lock class
cmdline.h [code]
common.h [code]This file includes top-level definitions for use both internal to the library, and outside it. Contrast libtabula.h
comparable.h [code]Declares the Comparable<T> mixin
connection.h [code]Declares the Connection class
cpool.h [code]Declares the ConnectionPool class
datetime.h [code]Declares classes to add SQL-compatible date and time types to C++'s type system
dbdriver.h [code]Declares the DBDriver class
exceptions.h [code]Declares the Libtabula-specific exception classes
field.h [code]Declares the Field and Fields classes
field_names.h [code]Declares a class to hold a list of field names
field_types.h [code]Declares a class to hold a list of SQL field type info
insertpolicy.h [code]Declares the InsertPolicy classes
libtabula.h [code]The main Libtabula header file
manip.h [code]Declares the Query stream manipulators and operators
myset.h [code]Declares templates for generating custom containers used elsewhere in the library
mystring.h [code]Declares String class, Libtabula's generic std::string-like class, used for holding data received from the database server
noexceptions.h [code]Declares interface that allows exceptions to be optional
null.h [code]Declares classes that implement SQL "null" semantics within C++'s type system
options.h [code]Declares the Option class hierarchy, used to implement connection options in Connection and DBDriver classes
qparms.h [code]Declares the template query parameter-related stuff
query.h [code]Defines a class for building and executing SQL queries
refcounted.h [code]Declares the RefCountedPointer template
result.h [code]Declares classes for holding information about SQL query results
row.h [code]Declares the classes for holding row data from a result set
scopedconnection.h [code]Declares the ScopedConnection class
sql_buffer.h [code]Declares the SQLBuffer class
sql_types.h [code]Declares the closest C++ equivalent of each MySQL column type
sqlstream.h [code]Defines a class for building quoted and escaped SQL text
stadapter.h [code]Declares the SQLTypeAdapter class
stream2string.h [code]Declares an adapter that converts something that can be inserted into a C++ stream into a std::string type
tcp_connection.h [code]Declares the TCPConnection class
tiny_int.h [code]Declares class for holding a SQL TINYINT
transaction.h [code]Declares the Transaction class
type_info.h [code]Declares classes that provide an interface between the SQL and C++ type systems
uds_connection.h [code]Declares the UnixDomainSocketConnection class
utility.h [code]Declares utility functions used within Libtabula
vallist.h [code]Declares templates for holding lists of values
wnp_connection.h [code]Declares the WindowsNamedPipeConnection class

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