libtabula.h File Reference

The main Libtabula header file. More...

#include "connection.h"
#include "cpool.h"
#include "query.h"
#include "scopedconnection.h"
#include "sql_types.h"
#include "transaction.h"

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#define LIBTABULA_VERSION(major, minor, bugfix)   (((major) << 16) | ((minor) << 8) | (bugfix))
 Encode Libtabula library version number.
 Get the library version number that libtabula.h comes from.


unsigned int libtabula::get_library_version ()
 Get the current Libtabula library version number.

Detailed Description

The main Libtabula header file.

This file brings in all Libtabula headers except for custom.h and custom-macros.h which are a strictly optional feature of Libtabula.

There is no point in trying to optimize which headers you include, because the Libtabula headers are so intertwined. You can only get trivial compile time benefits, at the expense of clarity.

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Get the library version number that libtabula.h comes from.

Libtabula Version number that the libtabula.h header file comes from, encoded by LIBTABULA_VERSION macro. Compare this value to what get_library_version() returns in order to ensure that your program is using header files from the same version of Libtabula as the actual library you're linking to.

#define LIBTABULA_VERSION ( major,
bugfix   )     (((major) << 16) | ((minor) << 8) | (bugfix))

Encode Libtabula library version number.

This macro takes major, minor and bugfix numbers (e.g. 1, 2, and 3) and encodes them like 0x010203.

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