Building libtabula on Unix

Platform Variations

This file only covers details common to all Unix variants supported by libtabula For platform-specific details, see the file appropriate to your OS:

There are no special instructions for any other Unix flavors.

Building the Library and Example Programs

libtabula uses the CMake build system. The standard way to build and install a CMake based program on a Unix type OS is:

$ mkdir build                   # in libtabula source root
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install             # OR: su -c 'make install'

Building a Static Library

As shipped, libtabula only builds a shared library. To build a static library instead, simply change the SHARED tag on the add_library() command in src/CMakeLists.txt to STATIC, then make clean && make.

Changing CMakeLists.txt automatically triggers a reconfiguration, but if you don't "clean" the library between builds, it may not link properly.

Beware that liking statically to libtabula has legal consequences that may matter to you, due to the library's license, the GNU LGPL. Familiarize yourself with the license, and consider getting legal counsel before proceeding. Also, see the libtabula FAQ. There is more on this topic there.