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50 check-ins occurring around 0a2ccdefe62474be.

. check-in: 354ccf3c50 user: tangent tags: trunk
Another round of compiler error fixes resulting from the "type info" refactoring check-in: cec92a5d87 user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
A few small fixes to previous check-in: 1e129d5f84 user: tangent tags: mysql-type-info
Another major step toward abstracting away MySQL field type info, replacing it with FieldType, its enums, and the new MySQL-specific stuff derived from them. check-in: 3ec168f673 user: tangent tags: mysql-type-info
Added "tags" file generation as a dependency of libtabula, so tags gets generated on first build and re-generated whenever a libtabula source file changes. Guarded this, so it only happens if there is actually a ctags program on the build system. check-in: e1d5e2be06 user: tangent tags: trunk
More assorted compilation error fixes for the rough swipe check-in: 4a572ebdb4 user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
Removed two aliasing typedefs, and replaced all uses of them with the actual type being used. It added a layer that operated as an obscuring cloud rather than a useful abstraction. check-in: 1687756307 user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
Assorted fixes to the first rough swipe check-in: 9a665b7b33 user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
Accidentally left this out of the prvious checkin check-in: 9c9916294c user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
First swipe at abstracting away the MySQL data type system into the driver layer. Absolutely does not compile, on any system, because it is incomplete. (Thus the new branch.) Consider it a sketch in progress, rather than a nascent feature. check-in: e184e92767 user: etr tags: mysql-type-info
. check-in: 89faabec8b user: tangent tags: trunk
Another pass on the README* files to move them away from Autotools, toward CMake. check-in: a57c393299 user: tangent tags: trunk
The MySQL locator macro gives the path to the actual library *file*, not to the directory containing it, so when we added it to the library dir, we were adding a -L/a/b/c/libmysql*so* type of flag to the libtabula link line, which only works if libmysqlclient is in a directory the linker checks anyway. On EL7, for instance, it failed, since* is in a fairly odd location. I believe modern Ubuntu is this way now, too. check-in: ef5b6aabae user: tangent tags: trunk
Encouraging the new "build-*" convention in, that being the compiler most likely to need multiple build directories. check-in: db7ffbf3ac user: tangent tags: trunk
Ignoring any file or directory at the top level called "build*", so that "fossil clean" doesn't remove everything in the CMake build directory, if you have chosen to put it underneath the source root.

This establishes a convention, where multiple build directories must be named build*. For instance, a Windows user with multiple versions of VC++ installed might have "build-vs2008" and such. check-in: 44b78129b8 user: tangent tags: trunk

Changed all *.md to Unix line endings, and renamed one holdout *.txt file to *.md. The old Notepad excuse for using CRLF in these files no longer holds with *.md. There are still some *.txt files, but they're mostly CMakeLists.txt, which shouldn't be edited in Notepad to begin with, plus bmark.txt, which shouldn't be edited at all. check-in: 65286b8151 user: etr tags: trunk
First rough cut at replacing all the Bakefile commentary in the MD files with CMake equivalents. check-in: d901ae7664 user: etr tags: trunk
Added total unit test count to dtest report, so you can tell whether its report that 16 tests ran successfully is the same thing as complete success. check-in: 658e65369f user: etr tags: trunk
Replaced file(COPY) in examples/CMakeLists.txt with a read-then-write pair. CMake 2.6 doesn't have COPY. check-in: f11edacb18 user: etr tags: trunk
Better CMake status message when xsltproc < 1.1.27 detected check-in: 9799160b3c user: etr tags: trunk
Added top-level 'dtest' target, modified the dtest and exrun scripts to cope with separate build and source dirs, and updated the bmark.txt file to track changes in the dir scheme. All tests still pass, just as before the move to CMake. Yay. check-in: 718ed6f5d5 user: tangent tags: trunk
The ssqls6 example now copes with being run from somewhere other than the current working directory, as happens in the CMake world most typically. It now knows how to find its stock.txt input file. check-in: b63d53aade user: tangent tags: trunk
More of the same check-in: 3dfeb5cf15 user: tangent tags: trunk
Reordered configure_file() commands in top-level CMakeLists.txt check-in: 2d7029e38f user: tangent tags: trunk
Swapped order of libraries for test_ssqls, for machines more sensitive to library ordering. (Wasn't linking on Ubuntu 14.04, because we had ssqls2parse after libtabula, but ssqls2parse depends on libtabula.) check-in: d8c8cf5399 user: tangent tags: trunk
Changed the new querydef.h and ssqls.h on-configure generation commands with file targets, which allows us to make these files dependencies of and tells CMake we want the commands run again if the *.pl files are touched. Before, the association between script, header and library was not explicit. This should have secondary benefits, like correct handling of "make install," though this has not been tested. check-in: 0a2ccdefe6 user: tangent tags: trunk
Replaced the bootstrap script with two checks in the src/CMakeLists.txt code for missing querydef.h and ssqls.h files. Also, these genrated files now land in the build directory instead of the source directory when using a separate build dir, as they should. check-in: 342eff75c9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed more Autotools/Bakefile legacy stuff check-in: 19440cec31 user: tangent tags: trunk
Building test/* programs now check-in: 315d640cd7 user: etr tags: trunk
Updated Fossil "ignore" rules to swap out the expected set of generated files in the Autotools/Bakefile setup with the CMake set. check-in: dc4199b9a3 user: etr tags: trunk
Removed leftover file, which should have been removed in the cmake branch. check-in: c2d57c2619 user: etr tags: trunk
Ignoring core.* and vgcore.* at top level check-in: 8a6ca7093a user: etr tags: trunk
Removed {examples,src}/Makefile, which we'd created as pure redirectors, in case you were cd'd into one of those subdirs and said "make". They would bounce you to the top and re-issue the build request. The previous checkin accidentally included modified versions produced by CMake, since we'd built in-tree for the first time since moving to CMake. On reflection, it's better to just remove these files. check-in: 1ec7c60226 user: etr tags: trunk
xsltproc version check skipped if building in-tree, as MySQL++ typically was, which is why we didn't have to have a version check for it. check-in: 0fb0d4f3c3 user: etr tags: trunk
Fixed the libxslt version number check. (Bad regex handling.) check-in: 7dc5226bf3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Squished some more complaints about missing return values, again caught by Clang 5.1.0 on OS X. check-in: a7b86f2d4c user: tangent tags: trunk
Somehow mysql/driver.cpp wasn't included in the list of files given to CMake for the main library file. Fixed. check-in: 76388c29d7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Squished a Clang warning about a missing return value check-in: c2be430d24 user: tangent tags: trunk
Replaced Bakefile based build system with CMake one. The CMake one cannot yet do everything the Bakefile one could (see the TODO list in the top-level CMakeLists.txt file) but it does build the library, the examples, and the documentation. I see no reason these other things cannot eventually be made to work, so it's time to integrate the cmake branch into the trunk. check-in: 6ddff42c58 user: tangent tags: trunk
Forgot --nonet on the xsltproc command for generating Closed-Leaf check-in: abcb5c1e23 user: tangent tags: cmake
HTML userman generation working check-in: 5cdf666b2f user: tangent tags: cmake
Accidentally swapped PDF and HTML build output directories check-in: 3a547ba770 user: tangent tags: cmake
userman.pdf creation working check-in: 85b3a77054 user: tangent tags: cmake
Got userman build working check-in: 10344214e4 user: tangent tags: cmake
Flag enabling building userman wasn't being set correctly check-in: 416cff1c5d user: tangent tags: cmake
The libxslt version number check in the DocBook build path isn't working right, but I've at least reworked it to be clearer, and so it happens to work on the system I'm working on right now. check-in: 5a99221cf3 user: tangent tags: cmake
- Recombined the doc/CMakeLists.txt from the separated userman and refman pieces. For some reason, the variables the subordinate pieces set aren't exported to the higher level, so the top-level doc taget wasn't being configured properly.

- Checking for xsltproc >= 1.1.27 now, as that's the minimum version that works with our current XInclude scheme. (This is the reason for the most recent problem we've had with this. Our code is correct, but only newer xsltproc's can cope.) check-in: d9d9a6c2be user: etr tags: cmake

Moved the refman target and Doxygen tool check from doc/CMakeLists.txt to src/CMakeLists.txt. It doesn't greatly matter where it is, so it's better if it's nearer to where the refman stuff lives. We moved the userman target and DocBook tool check out of here in an earlier checkin, so it makes sense that this file only exist to build the higher-level doc target from the results of those two test sets. check-in: 023e59f222 user: etr tags: cmake
First cut at generating *.txt from examples/*.{cpp,h} for xincluding into the userman. The generation is working, but the xincludes still fail. check-in: 7f18093a8a user: etr tags: cmake
Moved the new doc, userman, and refman targets from top-level CMake file to a new one in the doc subdir. The targets still exist at the top level, since CMake merges all subdirectory targets into the top-level output Makefile or whatever. check-in: d17453c68b user: etr tags: cmake