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4 check-ins that include changes to files matching 'modules/*'

Replaced Bakefile based build system with CMake one. The CMake one cannot yet do everything the Bakefile one could (see the TODO list in the top-level CMakeLists.txt file) but it does build the library, the examples, and the documentation. I see no reason these other things cannot eventually be made to work, so it's time to integrate the cmake branch into the trunk. check-in: 6ddff42c58 user: tangent tags: trunk
- Recombined the doc/CMakeLists.txt from the separated userman and refman pieces. For some reason, the variables the subordinate pieces set aren't exported to the higher level, so the top-level doc taget wasn't being configured properly.

- Checking for xsltproc >= 1.1.27 now, as that's the minimum version that works with our current XInclude scheme. (This is the reason for the most recent problem we've had with this. Our code is correct, but only newer xsltproc's can cope.) check-in: d9d9a6c2be user: etr tags: cmake

Got CMake finding the DocBook XSL tools, and generating a "doc" target that depends on the now-separate "userman" and "refman" targets, depending on which combination of tools we found. The userman target is dummied-up at the moment. I need the checkpoint before I start converting the existing doc/userman/Makefile to CMake form. check-in: 68752d1c1c user: tangent tags: cmake
Switched from hand-rolled MySQL location checking code to a contributed module found on the net. Still doesn't work, but it's got to be closer than my code. check-in: 4242b34886 user: tangent tags: cmake