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Parents and children of check-in [90418a1e48]

Split MySQL-specific parts of old DBDriver class out into a new MySQLDriver class, and made DBDriver an abstract base class. Some methods moved entirely to MySQLDriver, with no way to call them directly through DBDriver, as they're entirely MySQL-specific, and the generic parts of libtabula have no reason to call those functions. (e.g. thread_id()) check-in: b69b4fae85 user: etr tags: trunk
New MySQLDBDriver implementation moved the call to mysql_init() from the ctor to connect(), causing pre-connect option setting to fail for those options like MultiStatementsOption that work by setting bits in the MYSQL.client_flag value. Thus, examples/multiquery failed to run because we were clearing the flag in connect() by calling mysql_init(). Moved the call back to the ctor. Closed-Leaf check-in: 90418a1e48 user: etr tags: MySQLDriver
Refactored the way we handle the return of ResultBase::Impl derivatives from DBDriver::store_result() and use_result() methods. New method is not only cleaner, it avoids a double-delete in the simple3 example. check-in: 61a2e06195 user: etr tags: MySQLDriver